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Sex Indoctrination by Fanatics, Coming to a School Near You?

Here’s another entry for the slippery slope file.

The parents and conservatives opposing the introduction of "sex education" in public schools were right to do so.

Government school "sex education" has moved from the health curriculum into the indoctrination curriculum. reports that school districts in California have eagerly adopted a perverse, ideologically-driven sex propaganda program from BLM that seeks to undermine what children learn at home from normal parents.

The "facts" presented in this sex re–education program appeal only to the far-left fringe politically and sexually.

Brenda Lebsack, who was a teacher in the Orange County California Unified School District for over 25 years and is now a member of the school board, has been the Paul Revere of education, warning parents the left is coming for their kids.

She told Redstate, "The National and state teachers union endorses Black Lives Matter and their K-12 curriculum. Within the BLM curriculum are teachings that Gender is the child’s choice based on the child’s feelings. These choices encompass: Boy, Girl, Both, Neither or something else. (the California Department of Education says this choice can be made as young as two)."

That "gender" choice is a bit like the popular description of socialism: "You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out."

Once a kindergartner decides she is a he or he is a she the entire education bureaucracy treats the child according to a whimsical choice made by someone too young be allowed in the front seat of a car.

School officials and various members of the "caring" profession associated with the school begin to not so subtlety lock the child into the choice. Pronouns, bathrooms and other signifiers are used to cement the child into a "choice" of which, in many instances, the parents are ignorant.

And if you weren’t paranoid enough, here’s more fuel for your fire.

California teacher unions have all "endorsed AB 329, the Calif Healthy Youth Act, which removed the requirement of Parent Permission Slips for Sex Education for all grades levels."

That isn’t by accident. These consonant crusading activists intend to subvert parent’s wishes for their child and fill the vacuum with harmful, distorted left-wing ideology.

Your property tax dollars are going to fund an "education" system that is in the direct control of ideologues and fanatics. Government schools are now, by choice, the sworn enemy conservative parents and independents who are simply normal.

Wake up America.

The parents in Orange County, California are fighting back against this evil indoctrination.

It’s high time parents nationwide started paying attention to the details of what is being taught in their children’s schools.