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Planned Parenthood teaches SadoMasoquism through School Resources

Brenda’s Comment to EdSource Article Explains:

As a health teacher in Orange County and former school board member, I have a question about the definition of “Safe and Healthy” according to our state and local leaders.   I appreciate the stats and colored tiers for decision making to open schools, however, I’m not sure leaders’ perceptions of “safe and healthy” always match the parents’.  For example, when there was opposition to the new Health Framework in May 2019, the State Board of Education Liaison, called a book that taught kids Sado Masoquism, Sexual Bondage and Restraint, "safe and healthy".  The book (S.E.X.) was removed, however the on-line access to students remains through our Calif Sex Ed Curriculum resources via Planned Parenthood. 
Planned takes students to "Scarleteen" where the S&M techniques are taught.  
This "inclusive, comprehensive sex ed" website tells students that inflicting pain on another person via flogging, whipping or spanking is safe and healthy as long it's consensual.  They teach kids how to make whips and recommend household items such as: hairbrushes, belts, rubber spatulas or flip flops for spanking.  My district, Santa Ana Unified, utilizes Planned Parenthood materials and advisors, along with their recommended resources for our students.   As a health teacher, I am concerned about the health and safety of our students on another level, and I think it’s just as important as COVID and social emotional learning.  Calif Parents have the right to know what their kids are being exposed to via the Planned Parenthood Scarleteen Sex Ed Resources during long distance learning. It’s possible that our state and local leaders’ definition of “safe and healthy” may not be congruent with the parents’ definition.