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Orange County Superintendent must let school board do its job

Superintendent must let school board do its job Re “Orange County schools deserve better than costly legal fights” (Opinion, Jan. 29):

Dr. Al Mijares, you are not telling the whole, true story. I am a local school board member and public school teacher in this county.

In February 2018, you signed a $5 million contract with the California Department of Education to implement the new Health Framework, without board knowledge or approval.

This controversial framework recommends school districts teach sex education to grades K-3, promotes non-binary genders for all grades and instructs 12-year-olds that non-monogamous relationships are a new societal norm. Board members are elected to represent their constituents, but you deterred them by usurping the process of checks and balances.

The board cut $170,000 of your political lobbying fund from the county’s $260 million budget. This is less than 0.01% of the budget. Student programs were not impacted. The only thing impacted was your political influence in Sacramento.

I applaud trustees Ken Williams, Mari Barke and Lisa Sparks for being watchdogs over our tax dollars to prevent mismanagement. I commend them for courageously representing constituents’ values. The board is trying to do their job, however, how can they when the superintendent assumes all authority? This abuse of power and dishonesty from our county superintendent needs to stop.

— Brenda Lebsack,

The letter writer is a Orange Unified School District trustee and a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified District.