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English-only framework tried to hide the crazy in CA

California's Department of Education will be voting on an updated "Health Framework" in May that one public educator calls an attempt by LGBT activists to ignore biology and indoctrinate children.

Orange County teacher Brenda Lebsack has been speaking out about the future "framework" for K-12 curriculum in which the current push for transgenderism includes instructing students there are "unlimited genders" and not to assume people are simply male and female.

She likens the framework approval to a curriculum "blueprint" that goes to a school book publisher then ultimately makes its way into the public school classrooms.

"The California Health Framework has content in it that has never, ever been in a classroom," says Lebsack, a statement that might surprise outsiders who consider California a liberal mecca.

In a December commentary about the framework at education website, Lebsack quotes directly from a draft copy in which students are advised to use the term "partner" out of respect for "non-monogamous" relationships. Students are also advised about relationships with multiple partners known as "polyfidelity."

In another section, the influence of LGBT activists -- and the absence of normalcy -- is evident. She writes about that section:

In Chapter 5, Line 643, the draft introduces sexual orientations as a spectrum as well. LGBTQ+ is defined as an ever-changing spectrum with expanding concepts to include “queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies and alternative identities (LGBTQQIAA).” Other sexual orientations introduced in Chapter 6, Line 938 include “pansexual and polysexual.”

Lebsack also warns parents about the book Who are You? that is described as a guide for children as young as pre-K. In the book, young children who are still learning letters and numbers will be instructed that gender means "boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two spirit."

Lesback tells OneNewsNow she has personally seen the list of books in a digital library provided by the California Dept. of Education, and some controversial books mentioned in the framework are already in the digital library with lesson plans available.

In other words, the pro-LGBT forces are already at work before parents, and educators such as herself, have an opportunity to fight back.

"We haven't even finished the process yet," she warns, "and they're already implementing it. That's deception."

Another deceptive tactic, she says, is the controversial "framework" is available only in English despite California's famous melting pot of numerous cultures and languages.

The soon-to-be curriculum is not even available in Spanish, she says.

This same California Department of Education, she says, habitually requires equitable access so that you are not discriminating against non-English speaking people in a state with 40 million people and 220 languages spoken in households.   

The deadline for public input came on January 11.

The last "health framework" in California was adopted by the state in 2002, according to Lebsack.