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I think I found a solution to the school budget dilemma


I think I found a solution to the school budget dilemma.  We need to take the CTA identity politics and create a salary scale that reflects their ideology.  All teachers should start at the same rate regardless of seniority or experience, for the sake of EQUITY.   From that starting point, salaries should then go up or down based on level of privilege or oppression.

 For example:  white, heterosexual, Christian males should ALWAYS be at the bottom of the pay scale.  This, of course, could be adjusted if they change their religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  And since ethnicity is based on "perception" according to the Calif School Board Association’s school district policies (BP 5145.3a), their "whiteness" may also have potential of adjustment.

This could solve some issues of systemic racism, as defined by the CTA, because reparations could be built into salary schedules.  And maybe it would provide incentives for educators to identity in a way that is politically advantageous.  Please ask union rep's if they agree with this ideological alignment.  (ie: putting your money where your mouth is).  

Hint to teachers:  The Q in LGBTQ+++  stands for "Queer" OR "QUESTIONING", so if you ever  "question"  your "authentic self" or are going through a mid-life crisis, you may qualify for a raise if you submit this new self categorization  into the district data base.  

Food for Thought

I was called a “bigot and racist” for writing this SATIRE, HOWEVER, I was only using words from CTA, CSBA, CDE and other partnering agencies.   
Criticisms I received: How can you say sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity can be changed?   That implies that it’s “chosen” rather than inborn and unchangeable.  

The Health Framework from the Calif Dpt of Ed (2019) says Gender and Sexual Orientations are ever-expanding and ever-changing (humanity is an evolutionary process).  The curriculum recommended by the Calif Dpt of Ed says, “Gender is a choice”

State Superintendent Torlakson said in his 2018 Press Release, gender is a “choice” and “self certified”

The CTA and CDE and Trevor Project says Gender and Sexual Orientations can be FLUID.

The definition of FLUID means the ability to fluctuate and CHANGE.    
CSBA states in their Board Policy 5145.3a on Nondiscrimination and Harassment, that race and ethnicity is based on “perception” and not solely on DNA or skin color.  

Psychological “Perceptions” can fluctuate and change, DNA and skin color cannot.  

All the legal documents for LGBTQ says the Q stands for Queer or Questioning, therefore, even QUESTIONING your gender or sexual orientation (after being provided with a myriad of new options) categorizes a person in the marginalized sexual or gender minority of LGBTQ. 

The criticisms toward me were unwarranted, since these ideas of “changeable” genders, sexual orientations and race were NOT MY IDEAS.  It was from the CTA, CSBA, CDE and partnering agencies.