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BLM Targets Their Own Children via Gender Confusion & Sterilization

By Marc T. Little

As a black lawyer, minister, and educational leader in Los Angeles, I am appalled at the deception and psychological manipulation aimed at black families and children under the guise of “equity”.  The Black Lives Matter curriculum, promoted to our children through the teachers union and the California Department of Education, is indoctrinating black children, as young as preschool, saying gender is a choice based on feelings or perceptions.  One of the elementary coloring sheets in BLM curriculum says, “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind.  Everyone gets to choose if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.”  This is very confusing, especially to young children. 

As a lawyer, I see how they used lingual tactics (by inserting the word “or”) to override parental rights.  According to the Q & A of AB 1226 provided to California school districts, it only takes a “health worker” to validate a child’s gender identity. (See Question 5, paragraph 1). Age is not a factor and neither is a parent’s opinion.  The California Department of Education says that, once a health worker verifies a child’s gender identity, school districts cannot question it.  Teachers must use the child’s preferred pronoun (whether it is ze, hir, they, tree, xe, per, etc..) because, according to the Calif Department of Education’s 2019 Health Framework and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC),  genders are ever-expansive and fluid.  PreK-3rd grade gender bending lessons, endorsed by the National Educator’s Association and[ML1]  Association of California School Administrators, are promoted in school districts through the Human Rights Campaign.  

Black children are specifically targeted for gender confusion.  These instructional cartoons, endorsed by the California Department of Education and the Southern Poverty Law Center via “Teaching Tolerance”, are free and on-line, thus used by many districts for distance learning.  These elementary cartoons target black children for “non-conforming” genders and puberty blockers.  (click the hyperlinked words to watch the cartoons)

Many black parents think BLM diversity lessons uplift black children, but one of the main goals is to make them question their gender.  Once children question their gender by saying they are “unsure”, they are placed in the LGBTQ+ category, because Q means Queer or “Questioning.”.   When children become “unsure” they are counseled by a “trusted adult” to “explore” or “experiment” with their gender at school via gender expression. 

Simultaneously, while our black children are taught gender bending concepts, school districts form partnerships with agencies that provide medical treatments for minors such as puberty blockers or hormone therapy.  This is done through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support via Memorandums of Understanding.  Agencies such as Planned Parenthood and children’s hospitals, that provide sex ed or mental health counseling, also provide medical services.  This is being done in many California counties without parental knowledge.  Teacher unions, which also endorse unlimited genders and decreased parental rights, just passed a policy in Jan 2020 that children should be able to attain sex change treatments without parental consent.   According to the Guidelines for the Primary and Gender Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Non Binary People and Endocrinologists, these sex change medical treatments are not FDA approved, plus they cause sterilization and other health disparities.  It’s bad enough that abortion is the number one cause of death in Black America,  but  now Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Negro Project takes a new form by sterilizing our children under the guise of “reproductive justice”, “equity”, and “empathy”.   The saddest part is black parents are falling in the trap.  California is the incubator for national policy.  This is a pernicious form of twisted compassion intentionally designed (or not) to threaten the stability of the next generation and is coming to a school district near you.

Marc T. Little is the Executive Director of CURE America Action, Inc., a 501 (c)(4), headquartered in Washington, DC, advocating messages of Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution across the nation.  Little is a pastor, attorney, and political strategist.