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ACTION PLAN Email Letter to every School District and Charter School in California

Action Plan:  Email this letter to every school principal and leader in your district.  Feel free to email it to any other employee or volunteer in your district, including teachers or classified staff as well (bus drivers, janitors, aides, nutrition aids, recess supervisors, crossing guards, PTA Officers)

Dear School District Leadership,

As a parent and constituent in this school district, I am asking our school leadership to please comply to EdCode 51101 by informing all parents in the district, with equitable access, about the following facts.

  1. The definition "non-binary" that is now on our student information forms is defined by the CDC as "gender creative" meaning kids can make up or create their own genders and pronouns.

Troy Flint, the CSBA chief information officer, says non-binary means, “multiple gender options.”

The CDE defines non-binary as an umbrella term that is ever-expansive, ever-changing and ever-evolving:

Which encompasses, but is not limited to: transgender, intersex, agender, genderqueer, gender fluid, Two Spirit, bigender, pangender, gender nonconforming, or gender variant

  1.  That school personnel or mental health workers, partnering with school districts, can change a child’s gender category in the California Data System (CALPAD) WITHOUT parent knowledge or consent, and that incoming mental health workers are trained to only affirm a child’s gender identity, no matter what it is and no matter the age of the child.

  1. According to AB 1184, students can bill their parents’ insurance, WITHOUT parent consent or knowledge for gender affirming services such as hormone therapy or sex change operations, and other confidential sensitive  services.

  1. Parents should be notified about any outside agencies that have access to their children during or outside of school hours, either in person or through any virtual platform, and parental consent should be provided before outside agencies have access to their children in any capacity.   (CHOC Mental Health, Trevor Project Life Line, etc)

 Parents in OUSD deserve the respect to be notified about these changing laws, definitions and policies for the sake of family communication and community engagement.  Grassroot Members provided this video to the interfaith community via DVD’s and flashdrives, to help inform those paying for public education..

Thank you for valuing transparency so parents can be informed partners in their children’s education. 


Brenda Lebsack